How to get an EHIC Card online a website that reliable?

Posted on 01 October, 2016 in Society

  • European Health Insurance Card EHIC is a card that’s basically used by citizens EU citizens travelling within member countries. The card enables the UK citizens to get or access medical care when traveling within EU countries. In other words, it allows efficient medical care and expedites the process of re-imbursement and refund of the cost of medical care incurred why travelling in a foreign country.
  • If more than one person is visiting any member state of the EU, for example family members traveling for a holiday vacation, separate application forms needs to be filled for every individual, except for children under the age of 16 years. As a UK resident, you can get these forms online and apply from a reliable website. After filling the forms, such a site will take care of the rest and will pursue the application till your EHIC is ready.
  • Once the card has been issued to UK residents, they become valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance. During this duration, you can enjoy the benefits that come from having this crucial card during your travel. The beauty of it all is that the card can be renewed upon expiry, rather than applying for a new one! It can be renewed as from three months to the expiry date. In the event that the card has to be renewed before the actual expirehic-card-applyy date, a renewal application form together with the card has to be submitted.
  • There are several ways of getting the EHIC card; it generally takes 10 or less days to get the card. However, it is often recommended to apply for the card early enough especially when the travelling date is short. We understand the busy schedule of many people in the modern world. Parents are quite often so busy to have time to apply for the card in time. School schedule of children as well makes it difficult to get time off the working day, to apply for the card. Yet reasons for visiting countries in the EU are not often very predictable and may sometime fall at times when getting the EHIC card on short notice becomes a tall order.
  • At this website, they offer EHIC application services for UK citizens, including those in Scotland and Ireland. We basically complete all the processes of application on behalf of our clients, and follow up the process in urgent cases. This indeed saves you a lot of time, and conveniently allows you to execute your busy schedule without necessarily having to worry about the application process. We only charge a reasonable small fee for the whole process.
  • All that you have to do is to log into our website, get the card application form, fill all the necessary information and submit back the form. The remaining process will be conveniently completed by our experienced and highly experienced staff.. Once the card has been processed, you will be duly notified. Make arrangements on how to collect the card. We shall provide relevant information on how and where to collect the card once it has been processed.
  • Thus, as a UK citizen, you don’t have to stress yourself chasing a card that may be delayed by bureaucracy. Our fast services ensure that you get mobile phone and email alerts, informing of the application process each step of the way. Even when your card is about to expire and needs to be renewed, we will always notify you of the same well in advance.


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5 tips to consider when hiring a magician

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We all love magicians at events. They make us feel comfortable and break the ice in a full room. However you need to know you’re hiring a real professional magician as these days anyone can make a site and called themselves a magician. To protect yourself and ensure you have a good time, here are 5 tips to consider before hiring a magician.

Find the magicians videos and reviews

On YouTube or their site, the magician will ideally have videos and testimonials of his work, that will be a great way to decipher if they are valid and trustworthy. On their site have a look at their past events.  Ideally they would have performed hundreds of events before yours; if there aren’t many events then be wary of this. They need proof that they are credible.

magician-hire-hat.pngIs the magician easily contactable?

Are they easily contactable to discuss on the phone what you require. Even ask for a small preview where you arrange to meet and to see them perform in person. If they have a local show then even better as you can go along.

Is the magician professional?

Public liability insurance is a vital document that your magician should have to work; they will need these documents to perform in most UK venues. Also ensure they are a full time professional to get the best service, rather than someone who does it for a hobby.hire-magician-cards

How much will they cost for the day?

Find out how much they charge for the day and if this fits in with your budget. Find out how they expect to be paid too and if you need to pay an assistant separately. Some more successful musicians will charge a couple hundred pounds for a few hours, whereas as less known will be cheaper but their quality of magic may reflect that. Ask if the cost means travel costs or if they expect accommodation for the day.

What’s their magic style?

Find out their style of magic. Depending on your event, you need to ensure that the magician is appropriate for your audience. If it’s a late party for adults then a riskier magician with scarier darker tricks is perfect, but a family-oriented event like a kids party or a wedding then the magician style will need to be appropriate, funny and loud. There are many styles such as illusionist, table, close-up (micromagic) and street magic to name a few.

A magician is great for most events, they will life the mood and get everyone talking and laughing. They’ll create great video and photo moments. The right magician will wow and amaze your guests, and will be worth the few hundred pounds.

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Man Booker International Winner 2016

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The Vegetarian by Han Kang translated by Deborah Smith is the winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize.

Who is Han Kang?

Kang is a South Korean writer, born 27th Nov 1970 (45 years old).

Kang obtained a degree in Korean Literature from Yonsei

Her brother and father are also writers.

Kang currently teaches creative writing at Seoul institute of creative arts and continues to write.

Kang has won 8 awards for her literary works and 3 have been translated into English; Convalescence, The vegetarian and Human acts.

What’s the novel about?

The basis is about a woman who decides to become vegetarian and this leads to a series of reactions to this from society and her family. It involves dark violence, erotica and themes of family shame and dishonour in society.

She begins to get violent bloody nightmares and subsequently gives up meat. This is unusual in a society where norms are followed. She spirals into deep mental illness from pursuing her new passive rebellion in numerous strange ways.

Its main theme is about a woman trying to carve out her own identity in a society that won’t allow individualism.


  • Chilling
  • Violent
  • Engrossing
  • Serene
  • Startling colours
  • Devastation
  • Exciting

The Most famous London Magician

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The show to watch In London there are many shows going on throughout the year. The blockbuster movie show, the wrestling show, the theater drama show, the musical show, classical or modern, the opera, the dance shows, etc but the show to watch and the show that no one likes to miss is the London Magician show. It is entertainment in it’s best form.

The show, the magic, the illusion, the atmosphere, the ambience, the audience, every thing is wonderful. As long as the show continues the audience sits there stuck bound and mesmerized.

When in London one show that you would really want to see is the famous magicians in london show. It is one of the best magic shows performed by the illusionary artist in the whole world.

The feeling that you have watching the show is beyond words. Which means the entertainment that one has at the show has to be seen to be believed.

People living in London although have many sources of entertainment, but they like to watch London Magician and this is the show that never fails to live upto the high reputation that it has got over the years.

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Dancing Tips For Beginners

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Dancing is fun, dancing can be a source of income, and well, dancing has health benefits! In fact, most dancers are physically fit; they are unlikely to fusser from heart attacks, arthritis, and other bone related conditions.  The good thing about dancing is that even as a beginner you can easily and quickly learn the moves, and become a pro! Below are some dancing tips for beginners;

  1. Know what you want; do you wish to take dancing as a career, or just for fun? This knowledge is important because it helps you know whether to enroll for professional classes, or whether to learn from friends, and generally how seriously to take the lessons.
  2. Start from home; you don’t have to wait for your dance instructors, or experts, before you start practicing. Start it in your house, inside your bedroom, in the bathroom, anywhere! Tray practicing the moves you saw and learnt.
  3. Consider enrolling for dance classes; enrolling for dance classes is not just for professionals or those out to make a career out of it! It helps you polish all your moves, as well as giving you the confidence that you’ll need in future when dancing out in public. Most dancing classes are flexible, they even offer after work and evening classes.
  4. Practice, practice, practice; dancing requires much hard work, and plenty of practice. You don’t have to wait till you are in class, to practice what you already learnt. Practice with other students, practice even when alone, and practice anytime you are in the mood!
  5. Keep fit; dancing entails much body workouts, and in order to establish the prerequisite stamina and strength, you must work out during your free time. Try jumping ropes, try sit ups, jogging, and basically other simple workouts to enhance your body’s flexibility

Why Bollywood Dance Is A Big Business In London

Posted on 11 March, 2016 in Dance

Although London is a big cosmopolitan city with cultures from all over the world, Bollywood still continues to be one of the most popular dances here. You’ll find many dance schools spread out in the city, offering Bollywood dance lessons. This popularity can be attributed to several reasons;

  • Large Asian population; Bollywood initially originated from India, and the huge Asian community in London still keep to their roots. You’ll find many Indian weddings where guests are entertained to colorful Bollywood dances.
  • It’s fun; even for people who have no Asian roots in them, they still can’t resist this dance. Actually, a huge number of students learning bollywood dance classes in London are not Indians, but people from other cultural backgrounds.
  • Keeping fit; a huge number of Londoners have enrolled in fitness classes, including those that offer cardiovascular sessions. Bollywood dance has emerged as a perfect alternative to working out, it helps one keep fit and healthy due to its rigorous moves.
  • It’s fun; the fact that Bollywood has been fused and blended with many modern dances like hip-hop means that it has become largely popular. It makes quite a spectacle to watch Bollywood dancers as they smoothly execute their moves and twists.
  • Popular with students; London has a large population of students, mostly teens in campuses and colleges. Not surprisingly, these tend to be the fashion setters. The fact that they have embraced Bollywood means that they have made it appear as the trendy and stylish thing to do.
  • As a career; many people are trooping to enroll in Bollywood dance classes in London, because they have realized its huge demand in events. Bollywood dancers are in demand at weddings, corporate events, and so on so forth.


Bollywood dance continues to be one of the most popular dances in London, and its popularity isn’t expected to wane any time soon.

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Top 5 literature awards of the world

Posted on 24 February, 2016 in Literature

Literature continues to be a popular branch of the English language. It is one department that is interesting, informative, and that has been used over the generations to not just entertain, but to educate, to inform, even to warn societies. From the days and times of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas, to the modern day literal heroes and heroines like Wole Soyinka, Maya Angelou, the literature fire has been kept burning over the centuries.  There are several top literature awards that are awarded to the top cream of the literal giants of our time.


  1. Nobel Prize for Literature; this is one of the top awards given to writers in literature, and is usually held in Sweden. Winners are always given a huge amount of money as part of the award.
  2. Commonwealth Writer’s Prize; this award is given to authors of factious literal works and was first given in 1987. This award is given to English speaking authors of the common wealth countries and is funded by the Commonwealth foundation.
  3. British Books awards; although this award is primarily confined to the UK, it is also a major award for literature giants. It has been being offered since 1990, band has become to be known as the National Book Awards since 2009.
  4. Booker Prize; this literature award is awarded to authors of the best original novel, that’s full length and done by a member of the commonwealth countries, or from Ireland. Contenders are shortlisted each year in September, and winners crowned in October.
  5. Hugo award; this one is awarded annually, and has been in existence since 1953. This award is given to the best works of science fiction, and other related works published in English.


There are indeed many types and categories of literature awards in the world today, each targeting a specific category or branch of literature; Stories, poetry, novels, etc.



Writing organizations

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This checklist is both subjective and U.S.-oriented. I desire the writer or editor new to a rather large globe of specialized companies to recognize which organizations are the huge ones, in size and influence. That does not imply they’re the ones that will verify most immediately useful for an Writers organizationindividual– however they tend to have more clout compared to the others, when it comes to something like a fight over copyright, for example, or advertising professional actions. See also.
– Specialized as well as niche writing (organizations and sources geared to writing specialties, such as blogging about animals, autos, bowling, youngsters’s books, food, yards, family history, jazz, résumés, sporting activities, traveling, as well as wine– or writing for youngsters, academia, the Web, or public relations).
– Local and regional writers organizations.

Major organizations for authors and allied innovative artists.

– American Photo Artists (an alliance of marketing and media experts).

– American Culture of Reporters & Writers (ASJA), the only specialist organization focused on independent nonfiction writers.

– American Society of Composers, Authors and also Publishers (ASCAP), the only performing legal rights company in the U.S. had by songwriters, composers, and songs publishers.

– American Culture of Media Photographers (significant profession association for highly regarded photographers).

– Association of Medical Journalists (AHCJ), solid on getting healthcare and clinical stories right.

– Writers Union of America, LLC (an organization of independent writers’ organizations representing content writers, songwriters, aesthetic musicians, illustrators and photographers– developed in 1994 to repatriate as well as disperse the creator’s share of foreign non-title-specific aristocracy settlements for American works photocopied abroad).

– Authors Guild, the nation’s leading supporter for authors’ interests in effective copyright protection, reasonable contracts, and free expression. It gives lawful help (specifically concerning publication agreements), has a lawful personnel, as well as a board of famous authors, which provides some protection versus authors’ possibilities to whittle away at authors’ rights as well as share of revenue on authors’ work. Almost 8,000 participants, in different styles. Members get cost-free the Guild’s Model Trade Book Contract & Quick guide, a particularly helpful recommendation quick guide explaining desirable provisions (and why) in authors’ publication agreements. I simply obtained my duplicate in 2014 and also checked to see that it is absolutely updated for the electronic age (so you prevent being swindled concerning ebook legal rights, and so on).

– Writers Windows registry, a clearinghouse or payment broker for companies wanting to disperse settlements to specific U.S.-resident authors.

– Dramatists Guild of America (the specialist organization of playwrights, composers, lyricists & lybrettists).

– Digital Frontier Foundation (EFF), defending liberty in the electronic globe.

– Graphic Artists Guild, a national union of illustrators, designers, manufacturing artists and also various other creatives that come together to go after typical objectives, increase industry standards, as well as improve the capacity of visual creators to accomplish gratifying occupations Here’s where you could download and install Handicap Accessibility signs.

– International Federation of Reporters (IFJ).

– Investigative Reporters and Editors (WRATH), strong on training as well as on principles and also flexibility of journalism problems. Must-join for investigatory reporters.